The project

The integration of newly arrived migrants and refugees in the labor market is one of the most important factors for their successful integration in the host countries’ societies. However, both migrants and the organisations that support them usually do not have direct access to companies and other organisations that facilitate their access to the labor market.

On the other hand companies usually are not aware of the legal framework related with the employment of a migrant/ refugee and do not have the skills to successfully integrate the in the company’s operations. This is why it is very important to build the capacity of intermediary organisations (chambers of commerce, employer associations, employment agencies etc) and VET centres to connect newly arrived migrants with the job market.

In order to achieve this objective, the project is going to develop training material and organise training courses addressed to intermediary and Vet organisations on a series of themes related with labor market integration of refugees. The training is going to be organized both face to face and through the use of e-learning and is going to involve 80 representatives of intermediary organisations.

Then, the trained staff of the intermediary organisations is going to organise targeted action for employers which will include information campaigns, training addressed to employers, development of a web portal addressed to employers, provision of support to matching.

Moreover, in order to strengthen the work experience and work based training of the migrants it is going to organise apprenticeships for 150 refugees based on the needs and the skills acquired in the local labor markets. The expected results are a significant increase of the capacity of intermediary organisations to engage companies to the employment of newly arrived migrants and the increase of the matching between the skills of the migrants and the skills required in the local labor market.